lauantai 2. elokuuta 2008

Arctic Monkeys - cigaretter smoker fiona

Cigarette smoke doesn't hide
As well as you think

And you'd think that it oughta
Act as the perfect disguise
arctic monkeys - cigarette smoker fiona


i quit smoking after my surgery and during these 7 weeks i've smoked exactly 5 ½ cigarettes. when i was driving around with a friend, i smoked half a cig and threw the rest away because it tasted so bad. then i visited my hometown and smoked 2 cigs at a friends place and one at my workplace with my best friend. then some other friends came to visit me and i bummed 2 cigs. and that's it. honestly i'm suffering right now...

i just finished my extended essay (3700 words) and i'm sooo proud of myself, i want to celebrate this with a cup of coffee and a cigarette on my own little balcony. it was always a habit of mine when i was writing school stuff to take little breaks every now and then to make some coffee or smoke. it calmed me down and it was easier to concentrate.
i know i'm not allowed to smoke and i know that these cravings will go away but ahhhhhhhhhhh ! i'd kill for a fag right now.

oh and i spent 500e today internet shopping ^^ nice.

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Samiksii :)
I don't like to say (at least not out loud) that I've quit smoking, I just usually notice that from time to time I don't feel like smoking, and if I do, I don't feel bad about it. I decided to try not to smoke for a while on juhannus (so that would be 6 weeks?) and I've only smoked 4 cigs after that (and thta was when I was visiting a friend in Bergen and partying for the first time this summer).. Too bad, that I know that once I get back to Finland and under the bad influence of my friends this non-smoking this is as good as gone :D