sunnuntai 27. heinäkuuta 2008

Bitch alert

I just kinda had a fight with someone I don’t even know that well… It was about this blog. I asked him earlier today if he had any ideas, like what I could write about and so on. And now I was like ‘hey, I’ll write about this and that…’ and he was like ‘I don’t think that’s what blogs are for’ etc. etc. I finally had enough and just said that ‘well, you don’t have to read it’ to which he just replied ‘thanks’. I don’t know if he’s pissed off at me but I for sure am pissed off at him for being so frigging annoying.

I know I take stuff like this way too seriously. I mean, I barely know him; his opinion shouldn’t matter to me. Yet I get really mad and after blaming him I start to blame myself and then I start hating myself and then it’s all about weight and looks again. When I hate myself, I'm uglier and fatter than ever and we all know what that leads to... What the hell is wrong with me???

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nadja kirjoitti...

what a stupid thing of him to say! isn't the whole point with blogs that they are what you want them to be?