tiistai 29. heinäkuuta 2008

go with the flow

I've stopped feeling hungry.

Maybe I have finally achieved some kind of a
flow that one usually gets when doing something they really like. I can't say I like dieting but it's definitely something that interests me. I love learning more about nutrition, losing weight and training. I even like calorie-counting (especially now that I don't really even have to count, I know my calories are always under 1000kcal, they've actually now settled to around 600-800kcal).

While I like this new-found
flow, I'm also a bit afraid. This might just get out of hand if I'm not careful. I've got a leg to heal, a busy year of school ahead of me, finals coming up etc etc., I can't afford to ruin it all by eating too little and becoming malnourished or something. I do trust myself, though. I've always been able to control myself no matter what, so I can control this too, right?

Btw I just had to add a pic of Shane (the L-word), I love her! Shes got an amazing, unique style, not to mention amazing abs ;)

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Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Syöt liian vähän.

alyzzae kirjoitti...

no äläpä, tiedän kyllä. tosin kulutus on minimissä ja syön terveellisesti, joten miksi ahtaa naamaan enempää kuin tuntuu hyvältä?